Our Team

The Scubaqua team welcomes you to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and is looking forward to showing you the beauties of the different dive sites. Although we all have our own background and personality, we have a great thing in common: we share the same passion for diving and people. Our experienced and enthusiastic team has an excellent knowledge of the area, providing you with the best possible experience underwater and above.

 Ingrid is a CMAS M2 instructor and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

After a few years of diving in the Swiss lakes, I decided with my husband to exchange my dry suit and 15 liter tank to a 3 mm wetsuit and 12 liter tank in St. Eustatius! Date of birth 30-12-1968 I speak French, English and German. I like Rachmaninov, to share good moments with people I cherish and to hear the laugh of my son Enzo! I do not like tomatoes in sandwiches, early mornings, dishonesty and a bad meal... Best dive in Statia the discovery of a nest of juvenile’s drumfish of a few mm!


Menno is a Staff instructor CMAS.CH and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

I managed a dive center for 10 years in Switzerland and decided to take the plunge in St. Eustatius! Date of birth 18-05-1965 I speak French, English, German, Swiss-German, Dutch and Italian.  I like to share good moments and new experiences. I don't like lack of enthusiasm. Best dive in Statia a dive on the Charles L. Brown wreck when four grey reef sharks were really interested in the school of horse eye jack fish.



Marieke is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Together with Mike, I dived in all corners of the world before I fell in love with St. Eustatius. If you are not sure if diving is your thing, I take the challenge. Your big smile after you did it, is rewarding enough for me. Date of birth 19-08-1971 I speak Dutch, English and understand German. I like meeting old and new friends, cats and shoes ;-) I don't like slow internet and people who are not straight-forward. Best dive in Statia finding my first seahorse here.



Mike is a PADI Course Director

After training instructors in a big dive center for years, I started missing small scale personal diving like Scubaqua offers. My big passion is underwater photography and I’m always in to discover new dive sites. I’m also a board member of Stenapa (St. Eustatius National Parks) and represent the three dive centers on St. Eustatius. Date of birth 02-01-1970  I speak Dutch, English and German. I like positive attitudes. I don't like arrogance and discrimination. Best dive in Statia the 45 minutes encounter with a green turtle who must have thought I was her partner.


Vincent is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

I always have been passionate about the underwater world. Since I did my first bubbles with my dad, I've kept on diving for fun around the world until 2011 when I decided to become a PADI professional in Thailand. I've spent almost a year there but came to Statia to run away Asians crowded dive sites. Date of birth 27-08-91 I speak French, English, and a little Dutch. I like music, underwater photography, belgian beers, motorbikes, joking. I don't like Belgian weather, alarm clocks, pastis de marseille, peppers. Best dive my first seahorse encounter in my life @ the humps.

Noortje is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor 

From my first dive in 2010 on, it was clear to me that I wanted to build my life around diving. I moved to the Caribbean mid-2013 and became an instructor to introduce new divers to the underwater world. The chance to move to Statia and become part of the Scubaqua family was one I could not miss! Date of Birth 20-02-1983. I speak Dutch, English, a little Spanish and understand most German. I like nature, island life, reading and learning something new. I don't like cities, cold weather and food with meat or fish. Best dive my first Open Water Course dive on Statia, at Crooks Castle. We saw 2 nurse sharks, a big hawksbill turtle and a barracuda, hope it got him hooked!


Michele is our back office assistant

Date of birth 3-9-1967. I speak English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu. I like to exercise, gym, gardening, and to spend quality time with my son. I don't like cucumbers, lobster or shrimps. Best dive I don't have a best dive yet but I love the challenge, so I might just have one shortly!




Laura is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

It’s my first breath underwater that convinced me that diving would be part of my life. It’s to share my passion for the underwater world that I became an instructor. Date of birth 10-04-1986 I speak French, English and a bit of Spanish and Portuguese. I like happy people, air bubbles underwater, music and traveling. I don’t like lack of respect, Quebec’s winters and to eat fish. Best dive is this huge hawksbill turtle swimming right next to me during a night dive @ Chien Tong.



Thijs is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

After I finally did my first DSD my first words when back on the surface were “When can I do a course?” And now I am sharing my passion with others! Date of birth 27-03-1988. I speak Dutch, English, German, and a little Spanish. I like learning new languages, rugby, reading and discovering the world. I don’t like eating fish and bad weather. Best dive seeing a massive eagle ray at my first dive at the cliff.



Yoke is a Statia Mix

The best what happened to me is the adoption of me and my best friend DIN by my new Scubaqua buddy’s. I spend most of the day enjoying the best view from the dive center’s porch. Date of birth somewhere in 2013. I like chewing on almost everything and being walked. I don't like dog-shampoo.




Din is a Statia Shepard

I love hanging out at the dive center, mostly in the shade. Me and my best friend Yoke like to play with the guests from the dive center. Date of birth 20-2-2014. I like having back-rubs and my swimming lessons in front of the dive center. I don't like fleas.