Our Team

The Scubaqua team welcomes you to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and is looking forward to showing you the beauties of the different dive sites. Although we all have our own background and personality, we have a great thing in common: we share the same passion for diving and people. Our experienced and enthusiastic team has an excellent knowledge of the area, providing you with the best possible experience underwater and above.


Marieke is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Together with Mike, I dived in all corners of the world before I fell in love with St. Eustatius. If you are not sure if diving is your thing, I take the challenge. Your big smile after you did it, is rewarding enough for me. I speak Dutch, English and understand German. I like meeting old and new friends, cats and shoes ;-) I don't like slow internet and people who are not straight-forward. Best dive in Statia finding my first seahorse here.



Mike is a PADI Course Director.

After training instructors in a big dive center for years, I started missing small scale personal diving like Scubaqua offers. My big passion is underwater photography and I’m always in to discover new dive sites. I speak Dutch, English and German. I like positive attitudes. I don't like arrogance and discrimination. Best dive in Statia the 45 minutes encounter with a green turtle who must have thought I was her partner.

Mitch is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
My love for diving began with my love for travel. After a few years of working life, I finally ‘Got Smart’ and decided to ‘Chuck it All’ and I became a PADI Instructor. Now I have combined my two obsessions; I Travel to Dive and Dive to Travel! I speak English, a bit of Australian, a little Kiwi, and some Canadian. I like good books and good rum. I don’t like bad Karma or bad attitudes. My favorite dive in Statia – THE NEXT ONE!!! ;-)

Nicki is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
Though strongly interested in photography and writing I wanted to learn more about the world and our role in it and studied Geography. I was working for non-governmental organisations on climate and energy justice when I fell head over heels in love with diving and Yoeri in 2011. Together we run dive centers and live-aboards in the Philippines, the Andaman Islands, Statia and Indonesia and created Devocean Pictures. I speak German, English, Dutch and Spanish. I like sharing my passion and experiencing nature. My favorite dive is Aquarium as this rock stands out in many ways, one of them being the hotspot for nudibranchs.

Charles is a PADI Master Instructor.
After 5 years working in Thailand I came here to Statia. I still remember my first dive in 2013 it was a life changing. This is when I decided to become a dive instructor. I love teaching and making everyone a better diver. I speak French, English and a bit of Spanish. My favorite dive in Statia is Drop Off because of the beautiful landscape and the possibility of encounter reef sharks and eagle rays.

Laurent is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

I started diving in 2018 in the cold waters of Belgium and Netherlands where I did my first hundred dives. Since then I did one PADI course every year. After working as a sales representative in Belgium for 20 years I decided in 2020 that I wanted to follow my passion and became a diving instructor. I especially enjoy teaching courses to new divers and changing their lives as they discover the amazing underwater world. I speak Dutch, French and English and I can order a beer in Spanish and German. My favorite dive site in Statia is Cliffs, the topography there is nothing short of spectacular. Besides diving I enjoy hiking up the Quill to enjoy the sceneries.

Noortje is an Open Water Scuba Instructor.
From 2014 until 2017 I worked for Scubaqua. Then I took a break from professional diving, but never left St. Eustatius. 2021 seemed a good year to get back in the water. So here I am, and it's a joy to be showing our guests the underwater world again! I speak English and Dutch. Besides my work at Scubaqua, I also teach yoga, which is my other passion. I like hiking, plants, and playtime with my dogs. I don't like caterpillars on my plants and ignorance. My favorite divesite is Double Wreck, for it's historical artifacts and abundant (macro) sealife.

Seth is a Open Water Scuba Instructor.
After an 18 year career as a sales rep in the dental field, I decided to follow my passion and become a scuba diving instructor. I am passionate about ocean conservation, Adaptive Diving, and love spending time with friends and family. I speak English, Pig Latin and a little Spanish. I like kindness, a dry sense of humor and smart people that disagree with me. I don't like hatefulness, inconsiderate people or mushrooms. Favorite dive in Statia is Hangover reef named after the numerous overhangs covered in coral and sponges. In combination with the sandy patches in-between these lava flows this dive site “has it all”.

Yoeri is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.
I felt a connection to the ocean for as long as I can remember. As a diver I guided, taught, and managed dive centers and live-aboard operations all around the world for more than 20 years. For the last 16 years, I also worked as an underwater videographer and share some of my work via Devocean Pictures regularly. Nicki and I are happy we answered the “call of the blue beads” that found us the last time we were here, and very much enjoy being back on Statia. I speak English, Dutch and German. I like to connect to animals, both aquatic and terrestrial. My favorite dive in Statia is Anchor Point, due to its topography, gorgeous historical anchor, healthy coral reef, and abundance of marine life. This site has everything that Statia has to offer!

Caro is a Open Water Scuba Instructor.
After diving for a couple of years in South East of Asia, and being a professional underwater photographer and an instructor in Philippines, I decided with my husband,Rolf, that it was time for a change. He wanted me to discover Dutch Caribbean and, as soon as we arrived in Statia, I knew we made the good choice! I speak French, English, Spanish and I can understand a little Italian. I like people with a sense of humor and honesty, and a love for life in general. I don't like people judging too easily and lies. Best dive in Statia is Nursing Station because it is so full of schooling reef fish, lobsters and, if you are lucky, a nurse shark (or two/three)!

Rolf is a Open Water Scuba Instructor.
After diving for fun since 2001 I decided in December 2014 that it would be an excellent idea to become a pro and to pursue my passion. I started my professional career in diving in the beautiful Philippines and Indonesia. But remembering dive trips to the Caribbean I was incredibly happy when Caro and I got the opportunity to move to Statia and join the Scubaqua team. I speak Dutch English and German and understand Spanish and French if you’re kind enough to speak slowly. I like honesty and humility in people, I don’t like smugness and condescending attitudes. Best dive in Statia Triple Wreck because of all the history you encounter on the sea floor.

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