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If you never heard about this small, undiscovered island in the Caribbean, it's only because it's a well-kept secret. Unaffected by mass tourism St. Eustatius is not your average Caribbean island, imagine the Caribbean about 25 or 30 years ago and you get close. The reefs surrounding St. Eustatius are flourishing in a protected marine park. Underwater you will experience what much of the Caribbean must have looked like many years ago. The eye-catching volcano “the Quill” dominates the island with its impressive crater and is responsible for the huge amount of lava flows and blocks under the surface. These old labyrinths of lava are now fully overgrown with coral and sponges. Combine these reefs with numerous of historical dive sites and more recent sunk wrecks and you got yourself a divers paradise!

Our mission is to give you the best scuba diving St. Eustatius has to offer, with a personal touch. If you have any questions or you want to book just send us an e-mail 


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  • About us...

    About us...

    We offer low guest-to-guide ratios, just the way we want to dive ourselves on our holidays. St. Eustatius offers dives for... read more >>

  • Diving...


    Exploring the many different ecosystems of St. Eustatius is diving in constant changing environments. Almost all of the 36 ... read more >>

  • St. Eustatius...

    St. Eustatius...

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  • Charles Brown Wreck

    Charles Brown Wreck

    The view when you approach the Charles Brown is spectacular. Deep see fans and sponges now cover the deck and cable... read more >>

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