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What type of tanks do you have? Aluminium 12 liter tanks with international and DIN valves.

Should I bring my own diving gear? No, we have well maintained Aqualung rental equipment in all sizes, but if you’re more comfortable diving with your own, we advise you to bring it with you.

Is nitrox available? Yes, and for those with a nitrox certification we have nitrox32 for free.

Do I need to have a lot of experience to dive in St. Eustatius? No, St. Eustatius offers dives for every level.

I am an underwater photographer, can I dive solo? No, we do not allow solo diving. But we do take our time when we dive to give you plenty of time to take the picture you always wanted to make.

Do you offer night diving? Yes, we offer night diving at least once a week.

How long can I dive? We offer unlimited dive time until we reach decompression limits and/or tank supply.

Is it possible to penetrate the wrecks? Yes, you can do some simple and safe penetrations in both the Charles Brown and the Chien Tong during our normal dives. For more advanced penetrations you have the possibility to take the wreck dive specialty.

How about getting seasick? The chances you get seasick are small, the dive sites are close by and in rough seas we dive under the protection of the island.

If I find an artifact, can I take it home? The only artifact you’re allowed to take off the island are blue beads, all others should stay undisturbed so that future divers can enjoy them.

What is the maximum depth during the dives? The maximum depth is 40 m/120 f.

Is it possible to do decompression dives? No, we don’t allow decompression dives.

Can I dive with gloves? No, diving with gloves is not allowed in the marine park.

Can I book private dives? Yes, it is possible to book private dives, just send us an email with your wishes.

Do we dive in strong currents? The current changes from day to day, but is usually very mild. Before we enter the water, we do a current check and if the current is too strong for our planned dive, we can take advantage of this current and make a drift dive or move to a dive site with a milder current.

What is the water temperature? The average water temperature in July is 30°C/86°F and drops down to 26°C/79°F in January.

Are you open whole year? Yes we are open every day of the year but due to hurricane season and boat maintenance there is a chance we don’t dive in September. Please do check with us before you travel.

What kind of electricity does the island have? We have 110 Volt/ 60 cycles with USA style sockets.

Can I pay with my creditcard? Do not count on using your credit card, only a few places on the Island where you will be able to use it. The island has 2 ATM machines but just incase we advice to bring some cash (US $).

What type of diving-suit do you advise? This is of course very personal, but in general we recommend a shorty in the summer and a long 3 to 5 mm suit with cap in the winter months.

Is your staff trained in case of an emergency? Yes, every staff member is at least an Emergency First Responder.

Should I bring my certification card?  Yes, we need to see your certification card and logbook before diving.

Do you welcome divers from other training organizations? We sure do!