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General information

The moment you arrive in St. Eustatius, locally known as ‘Statia’, you immediately get that typically Statia feeling. There are no big crowds at the airport. Actually you don’t find big crowds anywhere on Statia. Statia was once part of the Dutch Antilles but is recently together with Bonaire and Saba, a special municipalitie of the Netherlands.

Our tiny island is blessed with a generally pleasant dry and sunny climate. Light northeast trade winds bring the island a constant cool breeze. St. Eustatius is untouched by the big development companies. You don’t find casinos, shopping malls or world wide fast food restaurants. What you do find is a safe and friendly island where time stood still. You can enjoy cosy restaurants and bars in Oranjestad, St. Eustatius’ one and only town. This is the place to unwind, read that book you always wanted to read and to dive the beautiful Statia waters.

Population 4000
Area 21 sq km
Capital Oranjestad
Language officially Dutch, everyone speaks English
Climate tropical dry
Rainfall annual average 114,5 cm
Electricity 110V / 60 cycles, USA style sockets
Money US dollars
Coordinates 17˚ 49N, 62˚ 98W
Highest point MT. Mazinga 602 m / 1,968 ft